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The Side Door


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The Side Door
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by Terry Wolverton

Maggie Seaver is on the run. With Angel, the seven year old she has raised with her estranged ex-partner. Rescuing her daughter is an imperative she can no more ignore than breathing—Angel has been abused by her caretaker. Instinctively, Maggie flees toward the only help she can believe in.

As she careens down the Baja peninsula with her ex-partner, the FBI, and the American media all in pursuit, Maggie cannot afford to trust any help she finds along the way; she can rely only on her instincts and her source of spiritual strength.

Yet, when she reaches her destination, the reception she receives turns out to be far different from anything she could ever have expected.

Stealing Angel is a riveting, unforgettable journey through the spectacular landscape of the Baja, and the landscape of a woman's spirit.

labrys reunion
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New York performance artist Gwen Kubacky thinks no one cares about feminist art anymore, until young art student Emma Firestein approaches her to become a mentor. Gwen agrees, hoping this legacy can be passed on to a new generation. As it happens Emma's mother, Dana Firestein, is a woman who co-founded a legendary radical feminist school in the 1970s—Labrys—which Gwen attended.

Gwen's tutelage of Emma has barely begun when the young woman is raped and murdered during a night out clubbing. Dana's comrades rally from far and near, as do friends of Emma's, and they gather in the only possible space, Gwen's warehouse loft.

The young women disdain the judgmental old fossils they're cooped up with. And to the women of Labrys, this alien new generation, with its ignorance of its radical roots and birth in feminism, appears ungrateful if not worthless.

But heretical challenges to old beliefs surface among Dana's contemporaries, as do truths long held secret. And among the younger women are those who possess more than enough rage and radical belief to take action to avenge Emma's murder.